This summer the first post-Young Buffalo EP was released from Jim Barrett, who dropped a six-song EP from his solo project, Swear Tapes, on Muscle Beach Records. Titled “Cherish the Cabin.” It’s hard to find a better set of songs to drive around in the Mississippi summer to. Swear Tapes has been playing shows for a little while now, but they had a limited discography until this release, and this release certainly does not disappoint.

Swear Tapes takes on a different feel than Young Buffalo, but that’s good. If it was just an imitation of the previous band the EP would feel stagnant, and “Cherish the Cabin” successfully avoids that. It’s more stripped down than Young Buffalo’s full-length album, “House,” and while it doesn’t have the vocal harmonies that were so great in Young Buffalo, Barrett’s vocals are excellent throughout the EP.

“Blasé Blasé” is the first song on “Cherish the Cabin,” and it strikes gold with a chorus that begs to be sung along with. It’s the slowest song on the EP, but it might be the catchiest as it rolls along with great instrumentals as well. “Cola” has maybe the best guitar riff on the EP and a great chorus that leans more towards indie rock than the first song.

“Right Now,” comes next on the EP, and features another great guitar riff and an excellent bass part that really pushes the song forward. The EP doesn’t take a step back with next track, “Song For Lois,” which also has a distinctly indie rock feel. The drums certainly aren’t the highlight on any part of the EP, but they more than hold their own and are featured well on the track.

Meanwhile, “Pushover” starts off with an addicting keyboard part and then adds in yet another fantastic chorus. The song bounces along pleasantly, and the guitar that is added in during the chorus is fantastic.

The last track on the EP is “Blasé Blasé (Chopt),” a slowed down version of the first track. It’s a weird but humorous way to close out the EP, with the vocals sounding extra deep in the snail-paced version of the song.

Overall, “Cherish the Cabin,” is a stellar release from Swear Tapes, so if you need a feel-good indie-rock/pop fix, look no further. They play at Proud Larry’s on Saturday, Aug. 27, with a cover of $5.