This week we all got a taste of Dead Gaze’s third album, “Easy Travels,” out today.

We can all agree it’s his poppiest compilation yet, but also his most perfected. The lo-fi sound we all know Cole Furlow’s Dead Gaze to embrace still exists, but in a way, “Easy Travels” is subtly pure. And that purity seems to reflect the albums very meaning. The song “Jump” might most exemplify this. The melody sounds like jumping into a clear body of water, just as the song suggests jumping into something new. Just as Dead Gaze jumped into pop and made it work in just the way he needed it to.

Life, love, taking chances… “Easy Travels” is a ride through life, man, and in an energetic and passionate way. It sometimes reaches points of magical and jazzy, like in “The Times,” which features Real Estate’s Julian Lynch.

This might be a more personal addition to Dead Gaze’s work, and this is apparent even in the album cover, which Furlow said was made by his grandmother.

“Easy Travels” is the perfect bridge between what Dead Gaze had already accomplished with his last two albums and weird pop rock. It’s already been welcomed into the music world with open ears, and we can’t wait to dive in… or “jump.”