The TDE MC returns this Friday with the release of his highly anticipated new album “The Sun’s Tirade.” The album is Rashad’s first full-length project since his 2014 debut EP “Cilvia Demo.” 

Rashad is known amongst hip-hop fans as a vivid storyteller, who gained success by remaining honest about his relationships and anxieties growing up as a young black male in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Though “Cilvia Demo” reached critically acclaimed success, the rapper became mysteriously reclusive to his fans and social media. He toured as one of the opening acts for his labelmate Schoolboy Q in 2014, and appeared on several album features, but no new releases premiered from the rapper himself.

Fans were deprived of Rashad’s story telling until he released “Nelly” in September of 2015. It was the first hint of his sophomore project.  Beside a previous tweet, there was no official word on a title or release date. Soon after, Rashad appeared distant again as there was no word from him or his label regarding an accompanying album following the single’s release.

A glimmer of hope appeared again after an MTV interview with TDE president Dave Free. “A lot of artists didn’t come out in 2015,” Free said. Free told fans they could expect “at least four” TDE albums in the year of 2016.

This past January, TDE Executive, TOP DAWG teased a new snippet on his Instagram featuring visuals of Rashad rapping in an unseen music video. A week later the second single, “Smile” was released.

Rashad’s album rollout has since been in full swing. He’s released two more singles along with his album artwork. Last week, Kendrick Lamar brought Rashad on stage for the first night of FYE fest to perform his third new single, “Free Lunch.”

The Sun's Tirade

Rashad has returned to the radio airwaves to shed light on some personal issues while discussing other obstacles as well. In a new interview on the Juan Epstein podcast with Peter Rosenburg, Rashad confessed his battles with alcoholism and drug addiction, which began while he was on tour in 2014.

According to Rashad, his addiction caused his inner stomach lining to rupture. Rashad said this jeopardized his relationship with his label TDE. He told Rosenberg “Nelly” and “Smile” were released by TOP DAWG and TDE and not actually by himself.

Fans are happy to see Rashad regain control of his life and career, and they’re impatiently waiting to hear all about it.

“The Sun’s Tirade” has 17 tracks and features Kendrick Lamar, MikeWiLLmadeit, Jayrock, the Antydote and more.

Check the full tracklist below.

The Sun's Tirade Tracklist