By: Taylor Shelley (@Taylorsshelley)

“Prima Donna” is a short collection of catchy lo-fi cadences with very versatile bounce melodies. The underlying messages are tightly stitched into Vince’s growing vocal abilities. He’s purposefully preaching for the return of the fleeting honesty in hip-hop and everything beyond. He understands that lies will always be lies, no matter how famous or important the liar is. His brief attempt is a fresh reminder there’s still a conscious mind in the new school of hip-hop.

The highly anticipated project is the follow-up from his 2015 debut “Summertime ’06.” Production for Prima Donna features familiar faces to “Summertime ’06″ DJ Dahi and No I.D. with an exciting addition of James Blake. According to Staples’, in an interview with Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 radio show, some lyrics come from voice mails Vince left for himself during his song-writing process.

The standout song comes early on the EP with Andre 3000 sample on the second track, “War Ready.” It’s the first cadence of transparency where Vince reminds us that he was born ready for the current battles of tribulation that surround our world today. Vince fittingly samples Andre 3K’s 3rd third verse from “ATLiens.” According to a Rap Genius annotation verified by Vince Staples himself, he uses the sample to illustrate how he shares a mutual voice of “rage” with 3K as a “stronger weapon.”

Other carefully selected features include rapper ASAP Rocky, on the album’s title track “Prima Donna,” and rapper-songwriter Kilo Kish on “Loco.”

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