2016 is going to be one of those years that you’ll find people referencing in documentaries decades later by starting out saying, “you’ve got to remember what was happening at the time, Trump was on his way to pulling the greatest political prank in history, everybody seemed to be shooting everybody, and Frank Ocean was live-streaming woodworking classes.” And yet, musically this has been one of my favorite years of new releases to date. Every year I compile playlists of my top 25 songs and this year is going to be incredibly difficult to decide who makes the cut.

Enter in my 2016 playlist as it currently stands. This isn’t necessarily a “top” or “best of” list but it is pretty representative of what my final will be like. Inside you’ll find a mix of everything, opening with a song off of Parquet Courts “Human Performance” (which I imagine will go mostly unnoticed by the end of the year, but should stay in the conversation), experimental techno from Tim Hecker, Sturgill Simpson’s “so country it’s no longer country” album featuring a Nirvana cover, Kanye, Seratones, Chance the Rapper. It’s really all here. You’ll notice two songs from Chicago/Adopted-by-Oxford band Whitney, who has created the perfect summer record. Dent May has a new single out that’s such catchy pop it should be playing in junior high dances across the country. William Tyler created a record so soothing that doctors should be prescribing it for your budding anxiety as you enter your early twenties.¬†One thing you won’t notice is how hard I had to restrain myself from putting almost all of the latest Car Seat Headrest record “Teens of Denial” on here. I’ll be damned if that isn’t my favorite record in a long time.

Oh, and welcome to Auxford Wave. This should be a lot of fun.