By: Gabriel Austin (@grkaustin)

When I first heard that Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino was producing a show about Atlanta, my eyebrows raised immediately.

Atlanta is a very special place, especially for Black folks. It’s got the nickname Black Mecca for a reason, and since the debut of FX’s breakout show, I think it’s easy to see why it’s so important #fortheculture.

Everything about this show is black and very much Atlanta. We have definitely shaped the city’s culture, and perhaps unlike any other city in the United States of America. From the struggle that Earn goes through, to Paper Boi’s budding rap career and potential to change the life for his entire family, to Darius’s hilarity and friendship with Paper Boi, everybody who’s ever lived in Atlanta, especially as a teen in the mid-2000s, you know somebody who perfectly embodies every. single. character. in this show.

Now, this is Auxford Wave, so I have to talk about this soundtrack. It goes without saying that this is the most lit soundtrack of any primetime television show in…I’m going to say forever. When I first heard Oj da Juiceman on Make The Trap (Aaayy!), never would have I guessed da Juiceman’s unique, high pitched trap tunes would be on cable television, welcome to 2016 folks. Don’t even get me started on Lil Kodak and Doe B also having credits on the show’s soundtrack.

Beyond the soundtrack itself, this show does a good job of showing hip-hop culture has permeated every corner of this and other countries. That’s what this show does such a great job of communicating too. Paper Boi’s buzz, the white guy at the radio station saying nigga to Earn (only), Justin Bieber being HILARIOUSLY cast as a Black man after his short stint of trying to be down a few years ago. And while this has happened, it also shows the struggle of artists and those around them trying build and hold onto the all important clout SO many artists strive for in a place with as vast a hip hop scene as Atlanta.