By: Alice McKelvey (@alicemcmeow)

Walking into Proud Larry’s on Tuesday night was, in some ways, an escape from the anxiety present in all of us. While TVs displaying the election were blaring across the square, Larry’s televisions were black. That, it turned out, helped The Lemon Twigs and the main act of the night, Sunflower Bean, transport us all to a world where rock-n-roll reigns and and purity exists.

At the same time, the frustration of the results were palpable for a number of us and Julia Cumming, who attacked the mic with a glam-metal tone, once even eliciting a snarl. Nick Kivlen, sporting a Fat Possum shirt, blew everyone away, riffing into psychedelic worlds where parties are places where people come together.

Nonetheless, Sunflower Bean’s improvisation and sheer ability to rock gave people hope, even if just for an hour.

Sunflower Bean @ Proud Larry's 11/8/16