Born from Kieran Danielson and Graham Hamaker’s collective love of ambient music, Ambient Warehouse is an evolving playlist focusing on minimal, textural, and generally chill AF ambient music. Updated every two weeks, each mix is made with the idea that not all music needs to be active listening. Sometimes you can just sit back, relax and immerse yourself in the calming, beautiful sounds of the Ambient Warehouse. 😉
From the Warehouse March 12-25:

This first mix features some of our favorite ambient songs over the last year — ones that we’ve played over and over. A number of these are from an incredible ambient label based out of New York called 12k (Deupree, Bednarczyk, Ikin, Samson). Everything they release has a really specific style: very minimal and textural. I’ve never really gotten into Aphex Twin, but Kieran showed me a few of his ambient songs and they’re pretty awesome. Geotic is a solo project of Baths. Youth Lagoon doesn’t really make ambient music, but his track “Doll’s Estate” off his last record “Savage Hills Ballroom is amazing. There’s a few more on here, but we encourage you to dive in and take a listen.

Photo courtesy: Ambient Warehouse