Before playing shows at the End of All Music at 5 p.m. and Proud Larry’s tonight, Casey Golden did a Q&A with Auxford Wave about his new self-titled album, his connection to Muscle Beach and what’s next for him.

AW: You just played a show in New Orleans, how was Mardi Gras?

CG: Mardi Gras was amazing. It was an accident. We just kind of played a show and then went to the parade. It was great. Everything’s been working out really nicely. 

AW: You have a new self-titled album coming out on March 10 on Muscle Beach Records, how long has the album been in the works?

CG: It’s been since 2015. It took us 4 months to record. Mostly me and Matt Rendon of the Resonars coming in for sessions about once a week. We had (the band) come in on separate occasions. (Adan Martinez-Kee) tracked all the drums in one day, which is really cool. But with the pressing of the record and emailing it’s been about a year.

AW: What was the writing process like?

CG: It more like, just songs I had been writing for a long time, and then one day I kind of woke up and was like, ‘oh. I’m gonna make a record now. Now I’m gonna do that.’ It happened kind of fluidly. Going into it, the songs were kind of unfinished. Working with Matt kind of brought out the best in what they could be. That whole process was a creative endeavor too, not just a production.

AW: Where did you record it?

CG: Midtown Island Studio. Four months recording it. Parts of it were us sitting around listening to records and thinking about stuff like that. Thinking about arrangements. For violin and stuff like that. Writing the bass parts. Thinking about a lot of vocal harmonies- backup vocal harmonies. So just sort of like, arranging all of these textures in the songs.

AW: The album is being released on Muscle Beach records, how did that connection start?

CG: Kieran (Danielson) and I are best buddies forever so, we just always kind of send each other our music, what we’re doing, so I sent him stuff and he ended up being like, ‘hey, I just started a new record label, and we want to put out a vinyl, can we make your dreams come true?’ and I said, ‘yeah, uh Thank you Kieran. you can do that for me.”

Danielson: We’ve been doing that, sending songs back and forth since I was 17, so it’s been like eight years that we’ve been doing that, just emailing our songs back and forth. We just stayed in close contact, close touch, and that’s how Casey’s record came out. Staying friends.

AW: How did you decide on that album cover?

CG: Gabriella Molina made it. I was trying to make a cover myself. Ended up hating it, and then I kind of was just like, ‘I need to outsource this to somebody.’ And I sent her the record and told her, ‘I like your art, can you just, can you please make me a cover.’ So she listened to it and just kind of put together a collage and it worked really well.

We had a whole misadventure of just trying to figure out the album cover. We had a really long email thread, brainstorming. There’s a picture of birds which I thought worked really well but it ended up being exactly the same cover as Wilco’s “Sky Blue Sky.”

I think in that case, I like to think I could make a really cool piece of art for a cover but I’m kind of like, now realizing that I’m just not like a visual artist. I’m just going to have to live with that.

AW: What’s it like to finally have your project out in the world on March 10?

It’s kind of uncharted waters here. I think, yeah, it’ll be really good to have that. I’m ready to move on, I think. It’s been a while. So I’m ready to make another record. I want to incorporate more strings like Cello. I want to sit down with the violin player, talking about sitting down and actually writing parts. I guess just like, taking my time with the next one, too. I hope to tour more. I’m kind of winging it here.