In the wake of Double Decker Friday, Spoon and Tennis managed to elevate the party to new heights at the Lyric. Tennis broadcasted their new-wop sound and brought the crowd to it’s feet, with singer Alaina Moore’s vocals bouncing beautifully around the room, then Spoon brought the show home. After 24 years as a band, Spoon still brings an energetic and exciting live show. It was the band’s first ever show in Mississippi, and they won over the crowd quickly with a story about the band being mistaken for Duran Duran while walking around the square. The band bounced around their discography during their performance, playing recent classics like “Rent I Pay,” and even a song they hadn’t played lived in 7 years. The light show behind them was fantastic, and the band alternating between guitar-heavy and keyboard-based songs kept the show fresh. They played a full three song encore, and even then the crowd was ready for more.

Alice McKelvey was able to document the show with the photos below: