Maryland Rapper IDK spoke with Auxford Wave’s Jonas Mullins regarding his new album “IWASVERYBAD,” Adult Swim, and his next moves.

Currently fresh off a tour with TDE artist Isaiah Rashad, IDK has stirred up creative genius with Adult Swim senior VP Jason Demarco with his debut collaboration with AS. The first two of three “IWVB” segments have been released via the TV program and the third is set to drop 10/13. The rap-star studded features included on the album seem to reinforce the notion that IDK is making big steps forward in the industry. “IWVB” features a wide range of features even featuring production guru Swizz Beatz delivering vocals. Chief Keef, MF Doom, Yung Gleesh and more are tied into the album adding another layer of depth that accompanies the vision and tone of IDK’s new project. In the first installment, IDK’s track “Mrs. Lynch, Your Son Is The Devil” utilizes flashback voicemails from childhood teachers displaying their disappointment and concern with a young IDK to set up the album. The storytelling aesthetic in IDK’s lyrics pierce into his time in prison and the upbringing and decisions that have brought him here today. IDK is just 25 years old, but his new album has a chance to push him into the next echelon of hip hop.

(IDK) Photo credits: Highsnobiety

JM: First off, can’t wait IWVB to drop again today, how did this collaborative drop with Adult Swim come about?

IDK: When I dropped Empty Bank, Jason Demarco (Adult Swim’s Senior Vice President and Creative Director of On-Air Jason DeMarco) tweeted how much it was dope and how he liked it. After that I stayed in contact with him and had the idea of dropping my music in segments so it would last more than a week. Most albums these days are hot for a week and then they fade out. I reached out to Jason and discussed wanting to drop it on TV and the rest is history.

JM: Tell me about touring w/ Isaiah Rashad, how was that experience + what led to that opportunity?

IDK: It was dope man, fucking awesome. Lil’ Sunny Tour is where I got a lot of fans who definitely were receptive to my stuff. Basically, after Peter Rosenberg gave the word, it went and happened from there.

(Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 left, IDK right) Photo Credits: HOT97

JM: When I saw you perform in Oxford, you came out in a Reagan mask. What was the message you were trying to send with the mask itself?

IDK: I was referencing the Ronald Reagan era, and that was the topic of most of my album (SubTRAP). The purpose was highlighting that point and using the mask to make it very obvious that this was my focus.

JM: I was scrolling’ thru instagram the other day and saw you chopping it up with Mike Dean, how did that come about and can we expect any future work with Dean?

IDK: Yeah well I have stuff made with him, it just isn’t out yet. Someone ended up showing Dean my music and reached out and put me on his pop up show, and that’s kinda how that happened.

JM: Working with Keef + Doom + Swizz on the new project has a lot of your fans real hyped, how was it working with cats that have been in the game for a while, and what other artists do u hope to collab w in the future?

IDK: It was dope being in the studio with Swizz, he just hopped on the track and freestyled the verse. I ended up getting it where I wanted it later, and it was dope. Also, the one person that I want to collaborate with a lot right now is Tyler the Creator. He’s one of my number one people right there.

JM: Man, that would be incredible. So, the new track with Swizz, you speak on your time in the penitentiary when you should have been in high-school. How did experiences like these mold your craft into the sub-trap vocals you are putting out?

IDK: Well, it made me who I am today. If I had never went to jail, I never would of started rapping. That definitely opened that door for me.

JM: How exactly did jail end up opening that future into rap?

IDK: Basically when I ended up in jail I had nothing to do so I started rapping. That’s where it began.

JM: IDK, I appreciate the time for the interview. Can’t wait for the third installment of IWVB to drop 10/13.

IDK: It’s all good. Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to do the interview.

Follow IDK on twitter @IDK, and continue watching Adult Swim on 10/13 for the 3rd and final installment of “IWASVERYBAD.” The new tracks can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.