Rapper Felly is bringing his signature raw and wavy energy to Proud Larry’s in Oxford on Tuesday, Jan. 30. The Connecticut native will be accompanied by fellow rappers Trip Carter and Gyyps, both of whom are also signed to 2227 records. Auxford Wave Editor-in-Chief Jonas Mullins sat down with Felly to discuss his new album “Wild Strawberries,” and adjusting to a career in the rap game

JM: So coming from Connecticut originally, did the transition from Beast Coast to West Coast come with any shock? Did you always wanted to head to SoCal?

Felly: “Currently I’m living in New York, but I’ve definitely adapted to all sounds since I have bounced around. When I first went out there for school and stuff (USC), it was pretty different. It had a different pace. The focuses that people have definitely are different as well.”

JM: So coming from the East Coast, what artists inspired you growing up?

Felly: “I grew up on mainly East Coast rap. I listened to a lot of early 90’s rap like Nas and shit. West Coast is out here too so you gotta include them in your catalog. I pretty much listen to everything.”

JM: Gotta say the Wild Strawberries drop was wild. As more and more videos come out; it’s clear you take serious time creating wavy videos to go along with your songs. What video was the most fun to make?

Felly: “Thank you bro. It has to be ‘Gorilla.’ The video is set up in an election type format, but other than that we had no plan or direction. The rest of the video was like, lets just do something, go crazy. It definitely brought out a lot of raw energy.”

JM: Both you and Gypps have kinda been tied together since the jump, the style you both possess seems to just mix perfectly. Good collaborations have come from you all’s relationship. Did you guys have a friendship prior? How did the come up, come up exactly?

Felly: “I actually first met him when I moved out to LA for school. I met him freshman year, and i didn’t like him that much. He was trying to do the same shit as me. We eventually linked and started building. He always only wanted to be a producer, so I had to convince him to rap. He’s good at it.”

Felly + Gyyps (Photo: Run The Trap)

JM: No doubt. As a college student, I know how hard it can be to balance a career path, and academics. What were you studying, and how did you balance?

Felly: “I studied Music Industry over there so it wasn’t too hard. People were pretty respectful of what I was doing, so I was able to dip out of class for a few weeks at a time. The major wasn’t too hard as well. I got by.”

JM: Did the Music Industry major help you as an artist?

Felly: “Yeah, I think it helped me understand all the roles people play, but you really can’t understand fully until you go out and become apart of the environment. At the time I was learning what a venue manager does, what a promoter does, etc. These types of people don’t really become real until you meet them first-hand.”

JM: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me man, can’t wait for new drops + the show.

Felly: “Dope man, we will see you all at the show.”

Listen to Felly’s new album “Wild Strawberries” here: