Spring is the season of renewed life and energy, and Oxford rapper LaCardi is taking that to heart. Cardi says he’s spent most of March as a “studio rat,” and has three new singles to prove it.

LUV #MarchMadness:

Fear No Evil (Interlude) #MarchMadness:

IDK (prod. Penacho) #MarchMadness:

The new tracks display Cardi’s versatility and continued growth. “Luv” and “Fear No Evil (Interlude)” are slower paced, and more introspective tracks, while “IDK (Prod. Penacho)” is the clear banger out of the #MarchMadness lineup.

Cardi originally wanted #MarchMadness to be his new mixtape, but says he changed his mind after talks with his engineer and friend Scooby Da Kid.

“I was just like what can I do to make a project,” LaCardi said.

“Not exactly force it, but I was tired of not dropping. Scoob brought me to his studio. He’s been letting me record and mixing my shit. He was like, ‘you just need to drop a lot of singles.’”

Along with the singles, Cardi has been pushing his old music as a way to show his journey. He recently started reposting tracks on his SoundCloud from high school and early college, calling the project Flashback Friday.

Conflicts ft. Silas Reed (Flashback Friday):

Cardi says the goal moving forward is to keep dropping singles, create videos for those singles and then working on a mixtape.

“I want to get more music dropped,” LaCardi said.

“I’m just trying to go crazy in the studio, and just get stuff ready, so that this summer I can start working on videos.”

Keep up with LaCardi on instagram: @papi.chulo