Auxford Wave Editor-In-Chief, Jonas Mullins, sat down with Tory Lanez’ right-hand man, CoopChardonnay, a major contributor to Lanez’ new album, ‘Memories Don’t Die’. The Newport News, VA native discusses practicing production in a Guitar Center, to touring around the globe with one of rap’s biggest names.

JM: “Thanks for taking the time to chat w/ me man. Can you tell me how your original encounter w/ Tory came about?”

CC: “So it happened as a random encounter. I had been stressed out, not having a good day and was about 3hrs into practicing on a keyboard at a Guitar Center when he popped in. I guess he was just looking for studio equipment, but he approached me, tapped me on my shoulder and told me he fucked with the music I was experimenting with. Later that night, he took me to a show and it all came from that one moment. He was super down to earth.”

JM: “Damn. What a way to get a break into the industry. So I was scrolling through your Twitter feed the other day, and noticed you mentioning how Tory had bought you a new set of wheels when you were in a time of need. What can you tell us about the type of person he is?”

Coop pictured w/ car Tory bought. Via: @CoopChardonnayy

CC: “He is awesome. When you think about it, a job is a job. The difference is, when you do something you love.. it makes it all worth it. There were times where I wanted to quit, where I wasn’t feeling it, but the motivation Tory instilled in me has definitely pushed me forward as a producer. This man is making new music, every single day. I had to come from making music weekly, to putting new stuff out every day. When you surround yourself with someone like Tory, you feel lazy if you aren’t working as hard as he is. He definitely inspired me a lot in that sense. It’s the mindset, gotta keep grinding. Gotta make something pop. Regardless though, even If I had never met Tory, I would still be making music.”

Via: @coopchardonnayy

JM: “That hustle mentality is necessary. It definitely is the reason you are at the level you are at. Other than Tory, you have been credited with working w/ artists like Nyce B, A Boogie, Jacquees and more. How did you start making those connections after entering the industry?”

CC: “After working w/ Tory, it all came on naturally. During the ‘I Told You’ tour, A Boogie was opening up for Tory. Same thing w/ Jacquees. Now, I have about three songs w/ Jacquees and we have been working closely together. It all happens organically. For instance, in the studio in LA, we will be in there one day and see T-Pain, Trey Songz, etc. Just being present in that environment makes it easier to link.”

JM: “So coming from messing around on a keyboard at Guitar Center, to touring around the globe w/ Tory.. was there ever a big culture shock for you? It seems like the lifestyle switched almost overnight for you? Is that true?”

CC: “I would have to say that’s partly true, but it honestly would have never even happened if it hadn’t been for my work ethic. Dawg, I’ve been making beats since 2009. I grew up in a Baptist church playing music, and it has really been my whole life for the last 21 years. Regardless, music is my passion and I would be on it even w/o Tory, but the influence and motivation he instilled in me has been tight.”

JM: “Exactly, it’s clear that you never would have had that opportunity w/ Tory if you didn’t work your ass off to reach that level of talent. Tell me about the process in the studio. What’s been your favorite track to work on? I glanced through the album credits and noticed you had writing credits for ‘Fake Show’.. do you work on more than production?”

CC: “Nah, Tory writes every bit of his music. Watching him sit down, put the headphones on and write over the beat is inspirational. I mean looking at the other competition in 2018, no one is on the level my dawg is at. Self-made to the fullest.”

JM: “Listening through the whole album, it’s pretty evident the amount of time y’all put into each track. Every single song is a banger; there isn’t a single throw-a-way.”

CC: “We appreciate that, dawg.”

JM: “So what’s next homie? Can you tell us some upcoming projects and collabs you are working on?”

CC: “Haha nah, but I do have a little group going on from my hometown, Newport News, VA. Not sure if you know, but Allen Iverson, Vick, Missy Elliot.. there is a ton of undiscovered talent. I’m currently based in North Carolina, so I’m currently trying to take it over in NC.”

JM: “Speaking on that VA Beach influence, did you grow up listening to Clipse + Pharell as well? How did these artists from VA and other producers in general impact your career?”

CC: “Well, Scott Storch was definitely up there, but I can’t go into chronological order because that would take forever. But speaking on Pharrell, if you are from VA and you didn’t had Pharrell in your playlist. You were doing something wrong. I know a lot of people don’t visit VA Beach like that anymore, but from 2003 to 2008-ish, it was arguably running the game. Other producers such as Just Blaze, especially when he was working w/ Hov heavily, were a huge influence as well.”

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