Andrew Long (@ral_photo_)

Since the start of 2018 Fred Nice has released multiple tracks and a mixtape, Nice & Slow. On top of rapping, he is his own producer. I recently sat down with the Oxford native at his local studio outside of town.

Andrew: When did you know you wanted to pursue rap?

Fred: It was 10th grade when I started hearing local rappers like Platinum P and Killa Crew. Then I realized they were making music in their crib in Oxford. My partner brought me a CD and it was a guy called the Naughty Ones. It was then I started to realize that I want to do something with the music. I started recording stuff on my computer and I liked it, so it made me want to keep going.

Andrew: What were some influences around you that helped you pursue hip-hop?

Fred: My friends and the people at school, but the internet too. I lied about my age on Pay-Pal just so I could sell beats. A guy in the army sent me a whole bunch of money for some beats and I started a bank account with that stuff.

Andrew: What’s the everyday song-writing process like for you?

Fred: I might have a song at the beginning of the day and when I get to the studio I try to make it. I don’t write much honestly. I just have random words written in my phone like headphones and Jordan’s. So, when I get to the studio I make a song with it. Now with using snapchat I can play a beat and hum it. Then save it on my snapchat and come up with a melody when I get to the studio.

Local rapper, Fred Nice, plays keys for a new project at his studio in Oxford, MS.

Andrew: How important is your hometown to you and how does it influence your music?

Fred: I always want people to know where I come from. Like when I was in Texas I did a show with Do or Die and Twista, the host of the show said he saw my name on the internet. I said, “Shit, I’m that Fred Nice,” and he didn’t believe me at first. Come to find out he’s been buying beats from me for years.

Andrew: Noticing you played with Twista, what age of Hip-Hop do you feel you relate to the most?

Fred: Before you came over here I was listening to Three 6 Mafia. Cash Money, Master P, and Three 6 Mafia for sure in my top. Late 1990’s and early 2000’s for sure. Specifically the south’s style of music. I love chopped and screwed music.

Andrew: What do you think of the change in Hip-Hop over the years?

Fred: I feel like if someone tells me there isn’t any good music out there, then they aren’t looking. But I feel like Cali music is the new wave and they’ve been on that wave out West since the start. The Cali rappers who have had that sound are about to be popping. So once Oxford gets that way I want to be a part of a new wave coming out of Mississippi.

Andrew: With the musical landscape of Oxford growing substantially over the years, do you plan on collaborating with Chauncey, HunnidBnd, and other artists?

Fred: Chauncey’s first few songs were recorded in my studio. Him and Blasian Junkie would come over and record all the time. I know they got some beats of mine in their email so we’ll collab soon.