Audio engineer and music producer, Rory Behr, sits down with Auxford Wave Editor In Chief, Jonas Mullins, to discuss his process, come-up and working with  Top Dawg Entertainment’s (TDE) biggest talents.

JM: “Nice to talk to you man, y’alls show in Oxford last February was dope. Glad we could meet. Where are you from originally? Ha, this had to be your first time in MS, right?”

Rory: “It was haha. Oxford put out a great show. I’m originally from West LA. Specifically Ladera Heights. Born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles.”

JM: “Being an LA Native, you grew up around some iconic sounds. How did 90’s hip-hop and music, in general, inspire you? Who were you listening to growing up?”

Rory: “Well I was obviously on Pac and Dre and what not, but I really was into The Who, The Eagles, and Eric Clapton as well. The producer for Hotel California was probably the biggest inspiration of mine. His name is Bill Szymczyk. Originally he was a sonar-based engineer for the Navy. He ended up using that knowledge and turning it into music. I actually got to meet him a while back. We had shared an inspirational conversation.”


via: @rorybehr

JM: “Listening to these different styles of music, did you ever try production in other genres before working primarily w/ hip-hop?”


Rory: “Interestingly enough, I kinda was popping as an EDM DJ prior to ever producing for Isaiah or TDE. I had gigs at the biggest clubs in LA, and was taking time away from music school to play gigs. What’s wild is that when I was in high-school, I had to lie to promoters to even get into the club. Playing in night-clubs when you aren’t even legally allowed to drink was pretty crazy. In my early days, I was too young to get booked in the nightclubs…so I got a fake id and had to sneak my way past the bouncers. It didn’t work every-time haha.”

JM: “So initially when you began, you weren’t primarily focused on hip-hop. What production equipment did you start with, and how did that transition go from home studios to large industry gigs?”

Rory: “I first started out on Ableton, mostly making remixes and djing, and I still use it to make most of my beats today. Once I started working in large format studios, I had to get proficient in pro tools…it’s the industry standard when it comes to recording.”

JM: “Your transition throughout all different genres of music is impressive. Probably feels good to be working w/ the mafia of the west (Top Dawg Entertainment).  Along w/ your consistent work w/ (Isaiah Rashad) Zay and T.D.E, you have worked w/ Hugh Augustine pretty heavily. How was that connection established? Did you produce on the new tape ‘Dubious?”‘

Rory + Hugh Augustine via: @rorybehr

Rory: “We went through school together growing up. It’s funny, he was always rapping. He grew up around it. His dad was affiliated w/ OG NWA. When I started working w/ production, he would always say ‘I’m gonna make it and you will be my producer, Rory!’ … Surreal how the dream is working out. I produced 4 tracks on the tape and was very hands-on in the mixing and recording processes.”

JM: “The Lil’ Sunny Tour was amazing. Traveling the World with consistent sold out shows. Finishing it off w/ surprise appearances from Q, Kendrick.. It must have been exceptionally crazy. Did you have a favorite experience from the tour?”

Rory: “Well honestly, when fans come up to us and the meet and greet and explain how this or that song changed their life, or get them through a tough time, it really hits you deep. That song, “Heavenly Father (Cilvia Demo)” is definitely the most impactful. It keeps inspiring us to make more meaningful music.”


Lil’ Sunny Squad via: @rorybehr


JM: “Twitter is saying Zay is preparing a new album. It made sense to me, since you have been in the studio quite a bit. What can you tell us about that?”

Rory: “Yeah man Zay is always working. Rappers, in general, are constantly recording. We went back to Chattanooga and stayed w/ his family to record for the new album. We made some bangers. We’re still cooking some fire tracks in LA. More to come soon.”

JM: “Do you think he’s putting out his best music when he’s recording in Chat?”

Rory: “Yeah, as his engineer, it seems like all of the artists I record with he is definitely most comfortable in his hometown. It’s crazy since I was born and raised in LA. Different vibes. His manager Matt is from Murfreesboro, he is working w/ TDE. TDE having representation across the country is dope.”

via: @rorybehr

JM: “You work w/ lots of artists affiliated w/ other camps, specifically JID, who is blowing up. How has working within Dreamville camp been?”

Rory: “The whole group is super dope and so creative to work with…Earthgang too. It’s pretty funny cause we were on tour with IDK who went by Jay IDK at the time. So when we’re back in LA, I think we’re pulling up to an IDK session, and really Zay and I pull up on J.I.D lol.”

JM: “That friendly atmosphere w/ these different camps must make for great upcoming music. Speaking of, you work frequently w/ SZA as well. Her creative process must be incredible to work with.”

Rory: “She’s so talented. The two camps are all close homies, so everyone is constantly collaborating. It’s funny, I’ve been homies w/ her bass player Carter. I actually met him in Fiji on a community outreach trip when I was like 17. Then on our first day in the studio w/ Sza, I’m obviously nervous, I’ve been listening to her since she dropped ‘paradigm’ ..  Anyway, I walk in and I see Carter, it was just one of those crazy happen-chance moments. I tell them every-time I see them how classic a record CTRL was.”

JM: “I definitely get the feel that TDE has the family atmosphere. It has to be what makes the music so consistently great.”

Rory + MixedbyAli via: @rorybehr

Rory: “No doubt. Just being around the studio with that crowd inspires me to improve as a musician and a human. Like everyone is so productive on a high quality level. Everyone wants to see each other succeed. When they (Kendrick, SZA etc)  were recording Black Panther, Isaiah and I got to snag the room next-door. It reminded me of some X-Men type shit. If Dot needed someone for the hook, boom.. Sir gets called in. If SZA is needed, she will come in and out. The atmosphere was amazing. It’s like everyone had their own special power.”

JM: “Thanks for taking the time to chat man, it’s been awesome. Best of luck in 2018.”

Rory: “Always, appreciate it dog.”

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