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James Blake is back to soothe the ears of his listeners. His new album, ‘Assume Form,’ was released a few weeks back in January and has shifted Blake’s swooning ‘sad-boy’ identity into something much larger. The 12 track album finalizes at 48 minutes and boasts of features from Andre 3000, Travis Scott, Rosalía and Moses Sumney. If that wasn’t enough, the enigmatic London vocalist capped off the project with production from Metro Boomin.

The album introduces itself to the listener with the title track, ‘Assume Form.’ In an interview with iTunes, Blake stated clearly that the track was a cathartic moment, ‘the plan is to become reachable, to assume material form, to leave my head and join the world.’ Well, it seems the artist has done just that. Aside from breaking through the cloudy ‘sad-boy’ narrative that has followed him throughout his career, Blake formally guides us through the romantic intricacies between himself and his partner, Jameela Jamil. The swooning love stories surrounded by airy mystique is a new motif for frequent fans of Blake. Ms. Jamil is most notably known for her reoccurring role on NBC’s The Good Place.

(Jameela Jamil via HNHH)

To top off the album, Blake made an incredible power move of securing a 3stacks verse. 3000’s placement on “Where’s the Catch?” boasts of highly introspective raps, although as 3000 states on the verses’ intro, “I hate heady ass verses, I wrote this shit too ha-ha.” Alongside one of Rap’s greatest lyricists, Blake also enlisted Travis Scott’s creative psyche for the track “Mile High”, painting a mysterious ambience courtesy of Metro Boomin, himself. Easy 9/10, folks.

‘Assume Form’ is available on all platforms. Let us know your favorite track!