About Us

Growing up in an arts-rich town like Oxford, Mississippi, Auxford Wave co-founders Sudu Upadhyay and Cody Thomason always dreamed about starting their own music blog. The two best friends wanted the blog to focus on live sessions with artists, music reviews, video features and more  From their junior year at Oxford High School to their junior year at Ole Miss the music blog idea was just that, an idea. In the spring of 2016 the two met up and decided that time was running out. There was no telling where they would end up after graduating from Ole Miss in 2017. So the two started brainstorming ways to start a music blog but quickly realized they needed another member. They wanted to bring in someone that shared their passion for music and more specifically music in Oxford. So Upadhyay and Thomason approached their good friend Zoe McDonald. McDonald quickly agreed to join the project and the three started planning on launching a music blog in the fall of 2016. After months of work auxfordwave.com officially launched on August 22, 2016 with Upadhyay serving as Editor-in-Chief and McDonald and Thomason serving as managing editors.